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"the sendling sessions"

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blu.monaco fm
enjoy strictly relaxed and dubbed out trax (trip hop)

jam high fm
you like it a little faster? well, no problem: listen to r&b, 2step and hip hop beats on this station




(the studio cat "gonzo")

(the whole posse: zett, marc & solo incl. "sophia" the youngest member)

(zett on the mic)

(sophia and the boyz)

the webradio-show of blujuice: "the sendling sessions"

the sendling sessions started in 1999 as a "shoutcast" station. since then marc, solo and zett rocked the house with cool, relaxed and chilled entertainment from the west-side of munich. featuring alternative sounds marc, solo and zett introduce you to their very own listening perls. check it out and download some of the shows, to make your pc happy. if you like trip hop, house, ambient, hip hop or other cool stuff, you will love this show.

also find other stations to stream for your entertainment only. we have selected for you the best house, trip hop and experimental radio-streams on the web.

 SHOW recorded live (17-5-02); click below to download:

"the sendling sessions" 170502

da marcwars and solo

(live@"the sendling sessions)


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