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blujuice >> live <<

May 19th., 2006; 
"The Garden" in Munich

...and what a gig that was! they booked us to play, so we did. check out www.nachtagenten.de to view lots of pictures taken during the event.

blujuice @ the garden:


the album
"sustainable entertainment":

if you would like to receive more info on the new blujuice album, send us an email:

latest releases:

blujuice trax are featured on these fine lounge music selections released in 2003

nu jazz vol. 5/incl. "haunt me"

nu soul generation vol. 1/incl. "dreamer"

godivas vol. 2/incl. "it all comes back"

philosophy and music

the "blujuice" project is the true musical legacy of blujuice music production. its style ranges from jazzy bar music to smooth latinized trip hop trax. sometimes dark, often tricky but mostly melancholic, the producers thilo & stefan try to keep their audience comfortable.


joining the group, a variety of guest vocalists do spice-up the eclectic sound spheres:

cris, the catalan soul from barcelona,

an italian pasta-dish on a summerly night in messina,

, the belgian queen of sorrow.

stef! who said, that americans can`t sing?
check out some of our music, by clicking the below icons:

blujuice-radio incl. selected trax taken from the album "sustainable entertainment"


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