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latest releases:

t"nu soul generation"
(luxury lounge records/EFA 61156-2, (c),(p) 2003)

t"nu jazz vol. 5"
(luxury lounge records/EFA 61155-2, (c),(p) 2003)

About Us

how it all started. what`s blujuice?


the sendling-
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latest releases:

t"godivas 2"
(luxury lounge records/EFA 61157-2, (c),(p) 2003)

"sustainable entertainment" -blujuice
(not licensed yet; mail to thiloalemke@aol.com for details)

visit the blujuice-studio in munich, germany.
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trip-hop ['trıpˌhɒp]
noun  a type of British electronic dance music of the 1990s, 
influenced by drug culture
[ETYMOLOGY: 20th Century: trip (in the sense: drug experience) + hip-hop]

trip hop for us: it`s all about a solid afinity to beats, heavy bass 
and lovely vocals. some even call it... 

blujuice live performance @ the garden, munich

19.05.2006 featuring eliana and stef. click to see more...

the catalán soul of blujuice is writing lyrics and sings. 

click here

get fascinated by her voice, talent and charisma. 

she is gifted with her extraordinary vocal talent.

the producers behind the music of blujuice.